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Methadone Intakes
Evaluations for Alcohol and Other Drugs
Mental Health Evaluations
Moms' and Children's Residential Program
Court-Ordered Treatment
HIV Testing
Needle Exchange Program

Methadone, Suboxone, and Revia Intakes

WHERE: Lancaster Center, 2713 Lancaster Avenue Site only.


We recommend that individuals get here as early as possible.

Monday – 8 people admitted

Tuesday – Transfer appointments for individuals who have 6 months of documented clean time at their current clinic

Wednesday – 8 people admitted

Thursday – 4 people admitted

Friday – 4 people admitted

BRING: A picture ID and proof of Delaware residence.  All intakes must have a photo ID with them at the time of intake.
Pricing:  Intake $10, Daily dosing $6, Subutext $6 (Treatment and intakes fees are free with Medicaid (except for Subutext.))

Same-day medication is available in most cases. We take walk-ins only. No appointments are given. Everyone who shows will be seen by a nurse who will take your information and will be able to answer all your questions. First priority is given to pregnant women and HIV-positive persons. Afterward, it is first come, first served.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please call (302) 656-2348.

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Behavioral Health Evaluations

In New Castle County or Sussex County

In New Castle County:

WHERE: Alpha Center, 2500 West 4th Street, Wilmington

WHEN: Walk in Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM - 12:30 PM.

BRING: A picture ID and proof of Delaware residence.

We take walk-ins only, first come, first served. First priority is given to pregnant women and HIV-positive persons.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please call (302) 472-0381.

Mental Health Evaluations

WHERE: Anchor, 2500 West 4th Street, Suite 1, Wilmington

WHEN: By appointment only

BRING: A picture ID and Medicaid/Insurance Card.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please call (302) 225-9988.

In Sussex County:

WHERE: Georgetown Center, 528 East Market Street, Georgetown

WHEN: By appointment at (302) 856-4700. First priority is given to pregnant women and HIV-positive persons.

BRING: A picture ID and proof of Delaware residence.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Please call (302) 856-4700.

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Admissions to The Lighthouse Program

ADMISSION CRITERIA: Women over the age of 18 with up to two (2) children under 8 years old. Authorization by the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health’s (DSAMH’s) enrollment and eligibility unit. First priority is given to pregnant women and HIV-positive persons.

CALL: (302) 424-8080 to schedule an assessment.

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Court-Ordered Treatment

ADMISSION CRITERIA: If you are court-ordered to undergo drug testing and attend education groups.

WHERE: Lancaster Center, 2713 Lancaster Avenue Site.

CALL: (302) 656-2348 for information.

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HIV Testing

Ever had unprotected sex? Rapid HIV Testing is free and confidential. Results are returned in 20 minutes.

WHERE: Available at every Needle Exchange Site, or call (302) 655-9880, ext. 121 for an appointment.

BRING: A Picture ID.

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Needle Exchange Program

The Division of Public Health and BCCS have partnered to offer needle exchange in the community.


You Must Be:

  • An active injected drug user,
  • At least 14 years of age, and
  • A resident of the city of Wilmington.


  • You must turn in used needles for new needles. One used needle for each new one.(5 used ones = 5 new ones; 10 used ones = 10 new ones; etc.)
  • Bring old needles in an empty, plastic container (like a soda bottle or a sharps container)
  • If you do not have a container, bundle used needles with rubber bands in bundles of 5. All the needles should be facing the same way.

Locations of Needle Exchange Services:

The service is provided on a mobile van at sites throughout Wilmington.  For the current schedule, click here for English or Spanish version.

Current Site Locations

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 AM          
9 AM
10 AM 3rd and Delamore Eastside, behind Benny's off 8th and Church Sts.
11 AM
12 PM   5th and Harrison  
1 PM 3rd and Church (near Christina Park) 14th and Northeast Blvd. (Governor Printz)
2 PM 6th and Madison  
3 PM C and Townsend Streets, Southbridge Speakman Park, 30th and Church    
4 PM  
5 PM    
6 PM 5th and Harrison
7 PM

DROP IN CENTER NEP HOURS at 2713 Lancaster Ave.- Monday 10AM to Noon.

It is best to call or access this Web site for information and to find the service site closest to you.

Where to Get More Information:

By phone:(302) 504-5889


By Web: www.brandywinecounseling.org

By mail:
  Brandywine Counseling & Community Services, Inc.
  2713 Lancaster Avenue
  Wilmington, Delaware 19805

Click here to contact us with any questions you may have.

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