A source of treatment you can trust. Brandywine Counseling and Community Services, Inc. BCCS strives to educate our customers by providing them with the tools to recover from addiction and mental illness. At BCCS, we meet our customers where they are in life, we honor their input. Prevention means giving people all the information and resources they need. We believe in a process of change that allows our customers to make healthy choices. BCCS provides Early Intervention services utilizing a harm reduction model. We realize there is a chance to reduce risk, infuse hope, and support our customers in any positive changes they make.

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Come see us for free health screenings.

COPE - Driving Wellness in Delaware

The RV will make stops in Seaford, Dover, Wilmington and Newark during the week of April 21:

April 21 – Seaford Public Library 10-12

April 22 – Spence’s Bazaar, Dover  9-11

April 23 – Fairview Inn Motel, Wilmington 10-12

April 23  Mount Zion Church, Wilmington  2-4 

April 24 – 7 Day Market (formerly Pathmark), Wilmington  10-12

April 24 – Newark Farmer’s Market, Newark 2-4

For more information, contact BCCS at (302) 656-2348.

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